Top things to do with Kids in the Castelli Romani

When we moved to the Castelli Romani over 4 years ago, my children were 6 and 8 years old. Since then, we are always on the lookout for things to do and places to go together when we have some free time. I asked my kids what are their favorites; I am quite happy to say some are uniquely Italian, others represent the beauty of the Castelli Romani and even a museum made the list!

If you are traveling or taking a day trip to the Castelli Romani with kids, here are things to do based on 100% kid feedback, and enjoyable for parents!


The Lakes: Lake Albano & Lake Nemi

These volcanic lakes are fabulous all year round and each have their own perks.  In the summer, we personally prefer swimming in Lake Nemi: The smaller of the two lakes, the water is cleaner, fresher and not nearly as deep as Lake Albano.  However, the larger Lake Albano has big sandy beaches, bathing establishments and the option to rent a pedal boat.
When it’s too cold to swim, both lakes are lovely to walk around or play on the beaches:  Lake Albano has a 10K trail loop through it’s wooded shores and Lake Nemi ‘s paved road circulating the lake makes for an easy stroll, while passing farms, taking in views of the lake and the lush green surrounding woods.


Pratoni del Vivaro

My daughter’s go to when she wants to “do something fun”.  Known as an area for horseback riding, i Pratoni del Vivaro is also a must for walking, bike riding, frisbee throwing, and running around.  It’s a stunning, picturesque area, with the woods and hills providing a backdrop to the green fields, horses and livestock.

Pratoni del Vivaro is a vast area; one entrance point is on via Rocca Priora, Rocca di Papa, in front of the Centro Equestre Federale Pratoni del Vivaro.


Monte Cavo

Walk through magical woods, breath in clean air and take in one of the most impressive views in the Castelli Romani. Where? In Rocca di Papa, on Monte Cavo.  Monte Cavo, the second highest peak of the Colli Albani (Alban hills), can be reached by walking or biking on an ancient Roman road, the Via Sacra. The ascension is not difficult and leads you through woods with various types of fauna, past rock sculptures to a panoramic terrace, where you see both Lago di Nemi and Lago Albano.



Monte Cavo can be reached many ways. Find out a few in my Monte Cavo article here. 

Azienda Agricola Iacchelli Armando

Immersed in the countryside between Nemi and Velletri, Azienda Iacchelli is a multifunctional space ideal for families.

They have plenty of animals to see from pigs to sheep, donkeys and rabbits. This farm also has a playground , horse stables and loads of space to run around. Feed the horses carrots (€1 bags are available for purchase) and take a pony ride.

Plan your visit around lunch, as dining options are available for all budgets:  Choose from the restaurant, the “tavola calda” (cafeteria service) or their new service frascona, which offers food ranging from porchetta sandwiches to roasted meats to take away or eat on the premises. Pick up their organic produce and honey at their shop on the way out. The restaurant is open on Sunday, booking recommended.

Via delle Noci, 15,  Velletri (RM )  Tel +39 06 96 34 354 
Due to Covid-19, it is recommended to check for latest opening times.  

Viviavventura Adventure Park

High platforms, long ziplines and aerial obstacle courses: Explore trees from a new perspective and challenge yourself mentally and physically at  Viviavventura (Live Adventure), an engaging adventure park right outside Rome in Grottaferrata.  

Kids 11 and under head to the 2 junior and 2 baby courses, while all those above age 12 tackle the 5 adult percorsi (circuits).  I suited up so my daughter, age 10, could be with her older brother on the adult circuit. Unlike an amusement park, it is up to you to work through the various obstacle courses. There is no sitting on a ride; this is physical outdoor recreation that provides self-satisfaction and thrills.



viale Kennedy, 58  Grottaferrata (RM) tel +39  370 302 8179
Due to Covid-19, it is recommended to check for latest opening times.

Museum of the Second Parthian Legion-  Museo Legione II Parthica

Devoted to the Second Parthian Legion that was stationed in Albano in the 1st century BC, this museum in Albano captures children’s imagination. Visually engaging mannequins wear intricate Legion uniforms complete with breastplates, decorative metals, helmets and shields.
In the didactic area, children (and adults) have the chance to wear faithfully reconstructed legion garments, such as helmets, metal chainmail, elaborate breastplates and weapons such as swords and spears. My son kept running to the mirror to check himself out in his various breastplates and helmets.  
 In the “everyday life” section you’ll find a pair of dice made of ivory, along with gaming chips, amphitheater tickets and a toy figurine of a gladiator, pastimes similar to today.


Museo Legione II Parthica
Via Volontari del Sangue,  Albano Laziale (RM)
Tel. 06/932.631.59
Due to Covid 19, it is recommended to check for latest opening times.


Have you been to any of these places or have others to suggest? Let me know!

First Published: January 31, 2021 

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