I came to Rome, Italy
in 1999 for “an experience” after graduating from Penn State University. The plan was to stay a year before moving back to my hometown near Philadelphia.

Fast track to today, I never left Italy and I continue living that experience. Married to Italian wine and olive oil producer, we moved to the Castelli Romani, my husband’s birthplace,  in 2015.  Based in Genzano di Roma with the family vineyards in Ariccia, we couldn’t be happier living here, in the peaceful Roman outskirts.  My husband and I launched our wine label, Jacobini Wine in 2022, and are in the midsts restoring a historic 16th century water mill and farmhouse located on our vineyards for wine tastings and events. 

At the mill
I’m a wine enthusiast, a certified FISAR sommelier, and manage sales, tours and communications for Jacobini Wine  along with other wineries in the Lazio and Tuscany region. I offer tailor made experiences in the Castelli Romani, including but not limited to wine tasting in our 17th century Palazzo Jacobini,  and wine tours  in high end wineries.  Contact me to learn more about our wine and wine experiences:  nina@mycastelliromani.com
Our Malvasia grapes
My Castelli Romani 
is for the the English speaker wanting to take a day trip out of Rome and even for a native Roman with a desire to step out of the daily routine.  It's about day trips, exploring towns, wineries, our farm and nature trails and most of all my favorite things to do in the Castelli.
Infiorata Festival in Genzano di Roma
I started the website because
I had trouble finding the information I wanted regarding the Castelli Romani in English and want to share my experiences  living, working and exploring the region. The blog contains my personal opinions and suggestions; I do not receive any compensation from local businesses.
I aim for the information to be concise and helpful to inspire you to visit.  Come along for the ride!