Jacobini Wine is Here! 

I have the immense pleasure to let you know my husband and I have launched our wine!  This has been a dream of ours and a project that has been years in the making.

In Spring 2022, we released our Jacobini IGP Lazio Organic White Wine.  Made of 100% Procanico  (Trebbiano Toscano) grapes,  it is bursting with aromas of tropical fruit and has a pronounced minerality and salinity on the palate. You can taste our volcanic territory in every sip.


For this wine we hand selected our best bunches of Procanico grapes,  which were then fermented in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature.  


We wanted to aim for high quality, not quantity,  and produced a limited number of bottles, only 3300 for this first year. The result? An elegant white wine, which proudly represents our volcanic land.  

We were so pleased with the results, and thought to immediately submit into wine competition. We were recently awarded a GOLD MEDAL in the ORAGNIC WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL 2022, with a high score of 95 points!  



The History of Jacobini Wine

I have written about our farm before, but for those of you new to the blog, we have approximately 40 ha /100 ac of farmland (half of  vineyards and the other half olive groves)  in Ariccia and Albano.

The land has been in my husband’s family since the 1600’s and they have been wine and grape producers since then.

foto-antiche-cantine 1jpg

References to Jacobini  wines date back to the Grand Tour era, and esteemed clients such as the Imperial Court of Vienna would place orders of our “perfect and delicious wine”. The wines won gold, silver and bronze medals from international wine competitions, which include 1851 London, 1867 Paris, 1876 Philadelphia (USA) and 1892 Berlin. (I am so thrilled we just won our first award, we are keeping with tradition!)

During WWII our production facilities were destroyed by bombing and two young brothers died in war related causes, leaving only a sister Margherita. Margherita joined forces with other local wine producers and became a founding member and main contributor of a winery cooperative which reached international recognition.  This cooperative recently passed to private hands.

Therefore, starting in 2019, we started writing a new page in our history. We wanted to bring the name Jacobini back to the wine bottle and continue the family heritage of producing  wine.


Where can you purchase it?

Alessandro and I are working towards bringing it to you and increasing our distribution. At the moment it can be found in wine shops, wine bars and restaurants in the Lazio Region. Check here for the latest map of locations.

We can also ship to various locations. Hopefully soon it will also be abroad in the UK and USA…stay tuned!