Christmas in the Castelli Romani

It’s time to embrace the holiday season and soak up jolly good times. How and where? After 5 years and counting of  merry making with my family, here is our list of favorite festive happenings and scenes in the Castelli Romani, which are guaranteed to put you into the holiday spirit.

Parco delle Favole Incantate, Ariccia 

From the center of town, waves of overhead lights lead to you the entrance of the Parco delle Favole Incantate, an outdoor light display held in the Palazzo Chigi Gardens in Ariccia An enchanting path passes through lights featuring reindeer, gnomes, fables and Disney characters. It also hosts shows and concerts on the weekends. Open until January 9th, every day. No booking necessary, but Green pass and tickets are required. 


Frascati Christmas Village 

Frascati has embraced the holiday spirt with a variety of happenings. From the Frascati Christmas Village, held every day, to the lovely lights displayed throughout town  to the pop up ferris wheel and merry go round in the main piazzas, it’s a guaranteed stop to get you in a festive mood. Smaller kids can even get their pictures taken with Santa at the Christmas Village.





Genzano di Roma

Lined with stores adorning seasonal décor and showcasing gift ideas, Corso Don Giovanni Minzoni in Genzano di Roma has Christmas music pumping out of speakers, playing throughout the streets along with festive lights and live Christmas trees, giving your shopping session a happy background theme.  Plus, don't miss Palazzo Sforza Cesarini's Christmas market and it's lights at night.



Presepi nel Borgo, Nemi 

Nemi is home to the annual event Presepi nel Borgo.  Stop in the Santuario del Crocifisso as well as S. Maria del Pozzo Chiesa as well to take in their nativity scenes. The intricate details of the daily life of bakers, mothers, fruit vendors, osterias are beyond charming. Other nativity scenes, along with festive lights, brighten the town outdoors.  


XXIX Presepe Artistico, Cecchina

I have really grown to appreciate a good Presepio, and Cecchina pops up a dedicated structure in the center of town every year to host theirs. Each year brings a new theme, but you can count on a crib scene of an entire town at work with moving pieces, with changes between day and night.


The Castelli's Comet Star

 Rocca di Papa is home to the giant Comet Star built upon the  Fortress of the Annibaldi. This symbol of Christmas of the Castelli Romani towers over town and can be seen from a distance, with impressive views on Via Frascati and  via dei Laghi. It’s our shooting star!


Piazza della Repubblica, Rocca di Papa. Comet star above town

Nativity scene, Lanuvio 

nativity scene takes center stage in the  fountain in Piazza Carlo Fontana in Lanuvio, creating a peaceful vibe and reflective reminder of the reason for the holiday season.


Wishing you a very warm, healthy and happy holiday!