Ômina Romana: The Wine Phoenix Rises

Ômina Romana, a winery in Velletri founded in 2007 by the Böerner family,  is a frontrunner of a quality wine movement in Lazio and is turning out impressive wines. 

Its logo, the mythological phoenix, is symbolic of this undertaking: Choosing quality over quantity, they are emerging and regenerating the Lazio wine scene,  creating award winning wines and heightening our wine region.

As a big fan of producers working towards exulting the reputation of Lazio wines, I have followed this winery’s success, tasted their elegant wines and booked the first date available this summer to see their practices first hand.

Agronomist Paula Pacheco first led us  through a part of their vast land;  87 hectares of meticulous vineyards cultivating a selection of 15 red and white grape varieties.  International varieties such as Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc are predominant, but also native grapes such as Cesanese and Bellone are present.


Four main elements classify the terroir and together make the growing conditions ideal: The land is blessed with two types of volcanic soil; red clay, more adapt for red grapes, and a white, sandy soil rich in minerals, ideal for white grapes. The surrounding Lepini mountains provide a protective barrier in the west, while refreshing sea breezes from the east keep the air fresh. Cool evening air currents from the Alban hills stimulate the biochemistry within the grape.  

omina romana 2jpg

The precision in the rows is stunning and vines are pruned to produce a very low yield per hectare, ensuring the utmost quality grapes for winemaking. Sensory analysis are performed on the grape before the harvest to check it has reached peak conditions; It’s not uncommon the same row or grape plot could be harvested up to 4 separate times to guarantee each bunch is picked at their optimal ripeness.


The wines, both white and red, have distinct traits based on the chosen vinification method. In the winery, some wines undergo fermentation is steel vats, while others are fermented in oak casks of 7300 L.  After fermentation,  they are aged on fine lees for at least six months.


Their barrel room contains over 500 barriques of varying toast levels. Reds are generally aged 24 months and different woods are used to create blends.


The Wines

We tasted four wines, two from their Ômina Romana line and two from their premium Ars Magna selection.


Hermes Diactoros II 2019 Bianco
This entry level white wine is a blend of Viogneir, Incroscio Manzioni, Petit Manseng and Chardonnay; all grapes were vinified separately. On the nose notes of yellow fruit,  while on the palate sapid with a  persistent minerality.


Chardonnay Linea Ars Magna 2017

This structured white wine is so full and gives an incredible freshness. Vinified in oak barrique, followed by one year aging in barrique and one year in the bottle, it has aromas of cinnamon, vanilla and ripe fruit.

Diana Nemorensis I
Merlot 50% Cabernet Sauvignon 30%. Cabernet Franc 20%
A fresh, pleasant wine with notes of red fruits, balsamic and tamarind.

Merlot Ars Magna 2015
A beautiful expression of Merlot with rich aromas of pepper and red fruits. Silky tannins and balanced.

omino romana 9jpg

As my husband and I are in the process of creating our own wine, the visit was inspiring as well as encouraging: Wines from the Castelli Romani can compete on an international level and Lazio is increasingly making its mark on the wine map. 

Visits and wine tastings are now open for the summer and fall on Saturdays at Ômina Romana.  The tastings are held outside and the visit was in Italian language.  For visits in English  contact them via DM in social or by  email info@ominaromana.com to check availability. I  recommend booking a visit while you can!


Via Fontana Parata, 75
00049 Velletri (RM) 
Tel: +39 06 96430193

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